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Darts Scorer
Tap Game Shot button when player hits the checkout, no need to input exact score. To calculate accurate darts averages and double success statistics, you will be asked for number of checkout and missed darts at the double.
Switch between numeric pad and 12 predefined function keys pad to speed up scoring.
single mode
Having a problem counting darts, do not know how many are you left? Tap + to switch to single dart entry mode and have the app count for you.
Undo last throw. You can undo as many throws as needed.
Close darts scorer and return to match overview screen. You can interrupt scoring the game and resume it anytime. Can even start scoring other match without completing the previous one and loosing its data.
Statistics (Results)

How good is your darts average compared with your friends, what is my highest checkout, how good are my doubles?

Pocket Darts Scorer has a screen for that, see result tables against different statistics to find out.

Tap Statistics button in bottom left corner to select different statistics.

Tap little triangle button in bottom right corner to switch sorting between ascending and descending. When viewing player's statistics,there is a possibility to sort by date as well.
Match Statistics

Pocket Darts Scorer keeps a wide range of statistics, some are available per set/leg as well.

Tap Legs button to see every throw of the match, including any missed darts at the double.

Why not to let your friends know who has won the match including the stats?
Share the stats on Facebook (wall/page) or tweet them.

Or email detailed match stats including every throw as CSV or PDF file.


Tap Tourneys button from the menu to manage your tournaments. After creating a new tournament, tap Players to manage players for your tournament. To add players for the tournament just tap + button to browse your players database, and tap each player you want to add.

To create matches for the tournament tap Matches and create them from here, they will be automatically linked with your tournament. Note: when selecting players, you will only see players assigned to your tournament, and not the all players from your database.

To see statistics results for your tournament just tap Statistics
To see player's statistics go Players -> tap a player -> and choose Statistics.